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Hiorth og Østlyngen

Hiorth og Østlyngen

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Hiorth og Østlyngen were one of the most significant furniture companies in the 1930s and in the post-war period. It was forward-thinking and innovative. For a period, they produced Finnish Alvar Aalto's laminated furniture under license. The collaboration with Alf Sture resulted in a multitude of models. Particularly outstanding is the armchair 1036, which is still in production. Arne Hiorth's iconic chair 103/80 can be found in Frank Lloyd Wright's masterpiece Fallingwater. Other designers who contributed to Hiorth og Østlyngen's reputation were Arne Tjomsland and Sven Ivar Dysthe. Among their interior design projects are Hotel Continental, the royal yacht Norge, and the Prime Minister's office. Our publications are bilingual, with all text in both Norwegian and English. Author Mats Linder.


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