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Rolf Hansen

Rolf Hansen

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Rolf Hansen was not a ceramicist in the traditional sense – he left the job of turning and shaping to others. Hansen was a decorator, a title to which he continued to be referred until he established his own company. He also designed models, so in a way he perhaps ought also to be referred to as a designer, in a broader sense. Were he to decide for himself, he would say he was a craftsman and a ceramicist. In this book the focus is on Rolf Hansen’s earlier years, which have not been covered to any great degree in other publications. The illustrations have been sourced from many places, including the Lågdal Museum, Blomqvist auctioneers and private collectors, all with the aim of creating the most vivid image possible of a fantastic artist who not only made his mark in the Kongsberg region but nationally and internationally too. All our publications includes bilingual text, in Norwegian and English.

Our publications are bilingual, with all text in both Norwegian and English.

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